A video-based discussion session chaired by Jim Smith

Jim SmithTuesday  20th September, 8 pm at Lindisfarne House, 4 Barbourne Terrace, Worcester WR1 3JS

Developments in Artificial Intelligence and Future Clean Energy Supply Requirements present two significant challenges  for humanity. How do we make the  relevant judgements and how does our faith speak to us about these things?

Affordable fast processing and large memory stores provide the opportunity for “Artificial Intelligence” applications which can relieve much human error and drudgery. However, jobs (even at professional levels) and security could be threatened and human value degraded. Could an evolving machine hierarchy threaten humanity (as envisaged by Hawking)?

The World Energy Council speaks of an energy  “ Trilemma” with the conflicting demands of Reliable Future Energy Supplies/Affordable Energy for All / Environmental Protection.

How do proposed solutions such as Enhanced Usage Efficiency, Fracking, Nuclear Generation, Renewables and Local Energy Storage figure in all this and is there new technology providing solutions on the horizon?  How do we make the judgements for the long term investments necessary?

The above two topics will be introduced with the help of videos. You are invited to come along and provide your input whether or not you have any prior knowledge. These topics are too important to be left to the technical experts alone.

Jim Smith is current chairman of Bible and Science Worcester. His background is in electrochemical energy generation and storage.


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