Creation of the Physical Universe: Its Biblical and Scientific Descriptions

Dr Mathew Clark

Dr Mathew Clark

Tuesday 16th February 2016, 8.00 pm at Lindisfarne House, 4 Barbourne Terrace, WR1 3JS.

Dr Clark will discuss the origins of the physical universe as described in the Bible and how this is seen in relation to the creation as interpreted from scientific discovery.  He will consider how believers with scientific backgrounds reconcile the two descriptions and how this is affected by modern scriptural interpretation.

After a career as Pentecostalist Pastor and Academic Tutor in Central and Southern Africa, Dr Clark is now Director of Postgraduate studies at Regent’s Theological College Malvern.

All welcome.  Coffee and cake will be served at the end. You can download a poster for this talk from B & S flyer Dr Mathew Clark Feb 2016

Did Evolution have to end with Human Beings?

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