Lizzie Henderson will be speaking to us on Tuesday 22nd November, 8pm at Lindisfarne House, 4 Barbourne Terrace, Worcester WR1 3JS.

(Barbourne Terrace is the street almost opposite St George’s Square, on the left as you leave central Worcester.  Lindisfarne House is the first building on the right, and you can park off-road in front of the building). 

lizzie-hendersonThere is an overwhelming narrative in today’s culture that science and faith are in conflict – that one cannot take both seriously. But what do today’s children and young people think about science and religious faith? What is the place of education in the discussion? What will the future look like if things continue as they are? Come along to hear about some of the research exploring the thinking of young people on these topics and some of the projects working to communicate a positive message about the interactions of science and religious faith to young people.

Lizzie is the Youth and Schools Outreach Officer and Children’s Media Project Coordinator at The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, Cambridge. Lizzie holds a degree from Cambridge University in Evolutionary and Behavioural Biology, Geology and the History and Philosophy of Science. She is passionate about the communication and public understanding of the interactions of science and faith and regularly participates in formal and informal discussion of the science and faith dialogue with all age groups. Lizzie has worked with children and young people for many years and regularly provides lessons, workshops and talks on science and faith for children, young people and students.

All are welcome, and there will be coffee, cake and the chance for further discussion, after the talk.

To download a flyer, please click here. b-s-flyer-lizzie-henderson-november-2016.


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