Genes, Determinism and God 19 November 2013

Dr Denis Alexander, Emeritus Director of the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, Cambridge, will be presenting on ‘Genes, Determinism and God’, at the next Bible and Science Worcester talk on 19th November 2013. Dr Alexander will seek to cover the following issues. Please download and display the poster for this event, Denis Alexander – 19 Nov 13, or read on for more information.

Genes, Determinism & God 19 November 2013

Genes, Determinism and God 19 November 2013

Nature or Nurture?

People who ask why human beings behave so differently have argued for centuries about whether nature (heredity) is more important than nurture (the environment in which someone is brought up) for shaping human destiny.  Are our lives controlled solely by our genes?

Behaviour Controlled by Genes?

More recently, researchers have tackled the question of whether religiosity or political affiliation could be inherited. Some scientists suggest that our genes are all-important in determining the main features of our behaviour. This last idea can be used to sideline faith in God. Are we really responsible to God and to each other?

Format for the 19th November Meeting

The evening is organised by ‘Bible and Science Worcester’ an interdenominational Group drawn from Worcester’s local churches and affiliated to Christians in Science. The talk will be split into three short sessions, with time for questions.  You do not need to be either a scientist or a Christian to participate – we aim to make the evenings accessible to all.

A Short Biopic of Dr Denis Alexander

Dr Denis Alexander is the Emeritus Director of the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, Cambridge. He was previously Chairman of the Molecular Immunology Programme and Head of the Laboratory of Lymphocyte Signalling and Development at the Babraham Institute, Cambridge. Prior to that Dr Alexander was at the Imperial Cancer Research Laboratories in London (now Cancer Research UK), and spent 15 years developing university departments and laboratories overseas, latterly as Associate Professor of Biochemistry in the Medical Faculty of the American University of Beirut, Lebanon, where he helped to establish the National Unit of Human Genetics. Dr Alexander was initially an Open Scholar at Oxford reading Biochemistry, before obtaining a PhD in Neurochemistry at the Institute of Psychiatry in London.

Dr Alexander writes, lectures and broadcasts widely in the field of science and religion. Since 1992 he has been Editor of the journal ‘Science & Christian Belief’ and currently serves on the National Committee of Christians in Science and as a member of the International Society for Science and Religion.


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