“Is Fracking good for us? – energy security, energy prices and the environment.”

Is Fracking Good For Us?

Is Fracking Good For Us?

A Christian Perspective on the Energy Sustainability, Cost Effective Energy and Environmental Protection Trilemma

Energy bills and the security of energy supplies have recently featured in the news. Oil and gas extraction by “Fracking” (Hydraulic cracking of oil/ gas bearing shale) has been proposed as the short/medium term solution to Britain’s own requirements. But what are the environmental risks of the process and what are the environmental costs to ourselves and our neighbours of relying more on carbon-based energy supplies? In 2012 UK Christian leaders issued a joint statement saying “Continuing to pollute the atmosphere, when we know the damage caused, goes against what we know of God’s ways and God’s will.”

How do we responsibly solve the tri-lemma of energy sustainability/ low cost energy availability to the developing world/environmental protection?

Dr John Weaver’s Profile

Dr John Weaver trained as a Geologist and became Senior Lecturer in Geology in the University of Derby. He was then called to the Baptist ministry. After serving as a Pastor in Northamptonshire, he became a tutor in Pastoral Theology and from 2001 to his retirement last year was Principal of the South Wales Baptist College. He is joint author of a book “The Place of Environmental Theology” and his special interests are relating faith to life and work and the dialogue between science and faith.

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