Life After Data? My Paradigm Shift

Have you ever said to yourself ‘surely a scientific view of the world prevents you from believing in a loving, creator God’ or ‘If there is a God, I’m sure He’s not interested in my professional life’. Or, as for many scientists, have you asked the big question, ‘Is there evidence for God?’.  If so  then we highly recommend you come along to listen to a talk by Professor Sir Roy Peacock on Tuesday 21st October, at 8.00 pm at Lindisfarne House, 4 Barbourne Terrace, Worcester WR1 3JS.

Poster Roy Peacock 21 October 2014 Short KS

On the 21st the Bible and Science Worcester group, affiliated to Christians in Science, have great pleasure in welcoming Roy, who during his working life rose to become a leading aeronautical engineer and in ‘retirement’ is still an advisor to the UK and overseas governments.

Early in his career Roy Peacock saw the tragic results of mistakes in aeronautical engineering that fuelled his drive for rigour in experimentation and data analysis. Later, as a young researcher into the thermodynamics of gas turbines (jet engines) at Cambridge University, Roy was highly sceptical of Christianity and saw no need to look beyond rigorous experimentation and data analysis for an understanding of the world he was investigating. And then his life changed dramatically and profoundly. He turned his rigourous approach to testing the evidence he witnessed of God’s action in his personal and professional life, and was staggered by what he found.

His talk will draw on a few episodes from his recently published, autobiographical memoirs, Paradigm Shift. I dare anyone to pick this compelling book up – I wasn’t able to put it down. Copies of the book will be available to buy on the evening.

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