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Autumn 2014 Programme

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B&S Worcester Prog Autumn 2014



18th November       ‘The Myth of Self Esteem’

Professor Glynn Harrison Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry, University of Bristol

Does self-esteem’ seem like a building block of our state of contentment and our relationships with others? As an area of considerable interest in academic psychology it is a relatively recent concept that emerged in the 1960s. Since then the ‘self-esteem’ movement has gained a powerful foothold in the Western mind, and reshaped secular and Christian cultures alike promising great benefits to individuals. But has it worked? Please do download the poster for this talk from this link.

21st October         ‘Life After Data?’ My Paradigm Shift

Professor Sir Roy Peacock, Leader in Aerospace Engineering and Advisor to the UK Government

Have you ever said to yourself ‘surely a scientific view of the world prevents you from believing in a loving, creator God’ or ‘If there is a God, I’m sure He’s not interested in my professional life’. Or have you, as have many scientists, asked yourself the big question, ‘Is there evidence for God?’ If you have,  then we highly recommend you come along to listen to a talk by Professor Sir Roy Peacock on Tuesday 21st October, at 8.00 pm at Lindisfarne House, 4 Barbourne Terrace, Worcester WR1 3JS. Please do download the short poster for this talk from this Poster Link 21 October 2014.

16th September      ‘The Penultimate Curiosity’ 

Professor Andrew Briggs – Professor of Nanomaterials and Director of the Quantum Information Processing Interdisciplinary Research Centre, Oxford University       

The curiosity that leads to the search for religious understanding and the curiosity that leads to the search for scientific understanding have common origins in aspects of the human mind that go back as far as the earliest records of human intellectual endeavour. Andrew discusses these development paths & how they can be viewed as mutually consistent.          

Spring 2014

18 March 2014       Did Evolution have to end with Human Beings?

Prof Simon Conway Morris – Chair of Evolutionary Palaeobiology -Cambridge
Humans represent just one tiny twig on the immense Tree of Life, and are
parked in an out of the way corner of a fairly large galaxy. End of story? Not
A poster for this meeting with more information can be downloaded from the following link Simon Conway Morris – 18 Mar 14.

18 February 2014    Is Fracking good for us? – Energy security, Energy prices and the Environment

Revd Dr John Weaver – South Wales Baptist College

In 2012 UK Christian leaders issued a joint statement saying “Continuing to pollute the atmosphere, when we know the damage caused, goes against what we know of God’s ways and God’s will.” How do we responsibly solve the trilemma of energy sustainability/ low cost energy availability to the developing world/environmental protection? Download a poster with more information from John Weaver Poster -18 Feb 2014.

21 January 2014   Where is God when we are sick?

Dr David Webster – Retired GP – Malvern

Dr David Webster is a retired GP from Malvern, who has seen many patients in his lifetime and therefore knows something about how we behave when we are ill and dying. He is also a Christian. He will speak of some of the impressions he has gained during his career in general practice, and of how he relates what he has seen to his Christian understanding of the world. Please download and print the poster for this meeting from David Webster Talk 21 Jan 14.



Autumn 2013

17 September   Is Free Will an Illusion?

DVD of Sam Harris – neuroscientist and CEO of Project Reason.

Neuroscientist Sam Harris argues against ‘free will’ on scientific grounds.  The DVD will be introduced by Prof Geoff Pritchard, who will relate to the theological controversy over determinism and predestination.  It will be followed by an open discussion led by Chris Shepherd.

15 October   Addictive Behaviour – The Divided Self

Prof Chris Cook – Psychiatry/Dept of Theology & Religion – DurhamUniversity

Professor Cook will describe current psychiatric models of addiction and the insights he gains from his Christian faith.    

19 November   Genes, Determinism and God

Dr Denis Alexander – Emeritus Director of the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, St Edmund’s College, Cambridge

Science holds that we are defined by our DNA, but the Bible talks at length of our identity as defined by God. Dr Alexander will describe how he reconciles these two descriptions.

Please do download the attached poster, Denis Alexander – 19 Nov 13, for more information and please do display at work or in your church.



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