Meetings 2017

As usual, the Tuesday evening talks will be at Lindisfarne House, 4 Barbourne Terrace, Worcester WR1 3JS, at 8pm.

17th January: “Computers and Life”, with Dr Ian Holyer.

Dr. Holyer will talk about how computers developed from their earliest days up to their role as the brains of robots, and will raise questions about our own brains, our free will and God’s influence on our freedom.

21st February: “Rise of the Intelligent Machines – Friend or Foe?” with Dr Kim Stansfield.

Dr. Stansfield will look at Artificial Intelligence, whether this is “a boon to research”, or “a huge threat to our very existence”, and how might this fit with a belief in a creator God.

21st March: “Is evolution cruel?”, with Dr Chris Southgate.

Dr. Southgate will discuss the fact that 99% of species are already extinct, and that extinction is unpleasant. It happens by starvation, disease, or by simply being eaten. So is God cruel or callous? Or is there no other way by which evolution could happen?


 Friday 10th February: The next “re:think” youth event, at the Hive, 7 – 9 pm. Dr Kim Stansfield will be speaking on: “Rise of the intelligent machines: future battleground?” He will address questions such as: “What can these machines do?” “Will they help or threaten us?” “How does faith in God help us rise to the challenges ahead?”

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