Reengineering Man – Human Enhancement?

Would you like to be stronger, happier or cleverer? Would you like your children to do well at exams or win cups in athletics championships?  On 17th February Rev Dr Justin Tomkins will explore the thought-provoking subject of Human Enhancement, the concept of using science, medicine and technology not just to make sick people well, but to make already healthy people cleverer, stronger, happier.

Justin Tomkins 17 Feb 2015

Justin Tomkins 17 Feb 2015

There are people who would like to help you become stronger, happier, healthier by means of pills and other kinds of technology. Many students take pills when their time comes for their final examinations at university. Thousands take different pills on a Friday night to achieve artificial happiness. The Rev Dr Justin Tomkins, a curate at St Mary’s Longfleet in Poole, Dorset and a Cambridge graduate, has studied these matters, has written a book, ‘Better People or Enhanced Humans’, and will be talking on the subject from a specifically Christian perspective. Not only are non-scientists welcome; science is now so specialised that we don’t seriously expect those who come to this meeting to know much about the subject.

Please do download a poster for this talk from Poster Justin_Tomkins_17_February 2015 Short and display. A poster with a short description can be downloaded from the following link Poster Justin_Tomkins_17_February 2015 Medium.

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