‘Rise of the Intelligent Machines -Future Battleground’ Re:think Lecture

Bees are a blast and brighter than you might think, so bright that people have started modelling them for the design of autonomous drones that exploit artificial intelligence…. to swarm ‘like bees’. And what do developments in AI mean for the doctors of tomorrow, or for factory workers? Does Artificial Intelligence threaten the foundations of our society, or help solve some of society’s thorniest problems? Finally, how does a faith in a loving God fit into this picture? There’s one way to find out what this busy bee thinks, join me, Dr Kim Stansfield on the 10th Feb at 7:00 pm at the ‘The Hive’!!!!


Rise of the Intelligent Machines – Future Battleground? 10 Feb 2017

The talk is the 2nd in the Re:Think Worcester series of talks aimed at 16-25 year olds, but open to all ages of 13 and above. Entry is free and there will be Re:Freshments. It is presented by Dr Kim Stansfield, Senior Teaching Fellow in Systems Engineering at Warwick University.

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