About Bible & Science Worcester

Seminars on Science and the Christian Faith

We live in a technological and scientific age in which many promote the belief that scientific and technological understanding and progress are diametrically opposed to having a personal faith in a loving, creator God.

The aim of the Worcester Bible and Science Group is to show that for many, faith does not hinder scientific progress; rather it provides a framework that stimulates and informs scientific and technological thinking about the world we live in.

The Worcester Bible and Science group is an interdenominational Christian group affiliated to Christians in Science in the UK.  We organise a regular series of talks and discussions fronted by leading scientists and thinkers, on significant scientific, bioethical and technological issues of today.

All meetings are open to the public, and accessible to anyone wanting to make sense of this changing world, especially those interested in how scientific advances might impact on religious beliefs. They are not restricted to scientists or graduates.

Please note: If you would like to be on our mailing list, or are on it and you change your email address, please do let Kim know at  kimestansfield@gmail.com.

The Worcester Bible & Science Worcester Group would like to thank Peter Belham for sound and video recording and to all those who have helped us prepare the hall and run the evening presentations, and the many who have supported and contributed to this work in numerous ways.

The Organisation Team is drawn from a number of local churches, and currently includes: Professor Geoff Pritchard, Dr Colin Reed, Jim Smith (Chairman), Alison Moore, Stephen May, and Dr Kim Stansfield.


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