A Jubilee* World View – Climate and Environmental Choices

Rev Dr Paul Beetham Talk 17 March 2015

Rev Dr Paul Beetham Talk 17 March 2015

How do we keep the lights on without wrecking the planet? Can the world support everybody enjoying our current lifestyle? What effect is our lifestyle having on planet Earth and what are our responsibilities in caring for God’s creation?

On Tuesday 17th March 2015 at 8.00pm Bible and Science Worcester, affiliated to Christians in Science, welcomes Rev Dr Paul Beetham whose talk will explore the scientific and theological background to the choices facing humanity in the 21st Century.

Dr Beetham is a Methodist Minister with a research degree in Environmental Sciences who works near Birmingham. He is a member of the Science and Religion Forum.

Please do join us on Tuesday 17th March at Lindisfarne House, 4 Barbourne Terrace, WR1 3JS, to hear Paul’s talk. No scientifcknowledge or religous belief is required, just a curiosity about what Science tells us about the world, and a Christian perspective on what God has revealed about the choices we make and our responsibilities. Parking, entrance and refreshments are free, although we do ask for a voluntary donation of £3.00 per person towards meeting costs.

We look forward to seeing you there!

*See Leviticus chapter25.

Please do download and display the poster for this talk from: Poster Paul_Beetham_17_March 2015 Medium


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